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Who Are We?  has been published by trade and business rights and responsibilities of “City Pulse”. is the “City Pulse” online multi-vendor marketplace. “City Pulse” stands legally for City Pulse is legal representative and owner of Bills, documents, banking transactions and any other legal documents of is carried by “City Pulse”.


   Which Information Do We Collect?

Internet policies let the server and internet operators to use cookies to improve browsing experience. They may have access to your cookies during your interactions with most of websites including us without our marketplace operators and administrators interference. 

The information we collect is used for your internet safety and to support your online activities and purchases for the purpose of reducing fraud and internet misuse to provide you a safe and reliable virtual environment to sell or shop with peace of mind.

You may need to release more information to us if you are about to register, buy or sell something in our website.


Which Information May We Directly Ask?

We may need your contact information, address, name, email and more in preset forms or in further contacts (where is needed).



Purchase payments must be checked out from the customers accounts before shipping the products except for cash payments. 

Vendors pay 10% of products price to admin (website administrator) as commission. There is no fixed fee at this time for vendors. So they can register, become a vendor and add their products for free. can increase or reduce admin commissions at any time. A notice will be showed in the website besides this page. uses PayPal platform. PayPal is one of the most reliable methods of payment, which is safe. PayPal is available in more than 200 countries and supports 25 currencies in exchange at the purchase time in a click.

“PayPal” has been a well-known and one of the most reliable international banking companies in North America in recent years. It has vast banking services and is trusted by millions of businesses and many banks.

PayPal accepts credit and debit cards in forms of Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diner’s Club, and EnRoute.


Cancellation And Refund Policy

No product can be returned and no payment can be cancelled after purchase unless shipping fails at the most one week after delivery date or if the product is delivered damaged, different from their order or out of order. may cancel the purchase and refund the whole price if delivery fails at the scheduled date.

Customers can return the products after purchase in 30 days and receive full refund if they receive the product damaged, out of order or different from their order. Difference in attribute, type, model or any other difference is acceptable.  Customers who wish to return a product after purchase, with the reasons above, must provide us images or videos of the improper product after receiving it as a proof (if applicable) and before returning it. 



In order to sell or buy a product or property in you must be in legal age and have a complete authority or permission to sell the product.

You shouldn’t represent or sell any goods and items that don’t belong to you unless you are in charge of those products or services and you have legal authority for them.

You shouldn’t copy, misuse, republish, print or take any action towards our users information unless for your own account or if you are allowed.

You need to be in legal age of trade under the provincial or territory law of your residency to be able to buy or sell any product in our website.

Upon the legislation age restriction with respect of truth of information that you must provide us, if you register, buy or sell something where you are not allowed or if you register in place of the others or attempt to trade with wrong information, it’s just law units that can take action against you since we haven’t much control over registration or users information that is presented in our website.

You are not allowed to take any steps in these trades in our website:

  • Illegal drugs
  • Medicines which need medical prescription
  • Living animals
  • Sex trade including sexual images, videos or sexual explicit contents
  • Explosive or dangerous materials
  • Weapons
  • Damaged or spoiled products


Liability Limits has no responsibility over misrepresenting or misusing information, products and items by third parties not in sales nor in purchases even though it has right to take action against the offenders if complaints have been received. Sellers and buyers are responsible for their trade attempts, truth of information and acts in our website, though the marketplace can not be held responsible if offence happens. is not in charge of misuse of information or product presentation if happens.

We take precautions and apply sellers/vendors and customers ID information before they register to prevent any problem and to provide a trustworthy online marketplace for both of them but we can’t be held responsible over what we have no control on.

Sellers/vendors must have legal authority to place and sell products in but our website has not a complete control over their acts. In case of internet fraud just the law units could take action against the offenders.


Rights And Responsibilities can cancel and refund the purchases within 30 days of the purchase date. can remove users, vendors and products at any time and close their accounts without prior notice. If we remove an account or a product we usually email them the reason of removal and the amends that may need to be replaced.



In order to become a seller/vendor in you need to register through “Become A Vendor/Seller”  and submit your ID information such as your full name, email, company name, telephone number and address. If you are registering on behalf of a business or company you must submit the registrar company name and address besides your name.

Vendors pay 10% of each purchase price to admin (website administrator) for admin commission. No fixed fee is applied at this time so vendors/sellers can register and join the website for free.

Vendors can check out the products price after completing the sales with deduction of 10% regarding admin commissions and with the balance over $50.

Vendors/sellers can cancel their registration and remove their account and products with $25 cancellation fee at any time.

Sellers/vendors are responsible to remove their products or label them “out of stock” if they are sold out or out of stock.

Vendors/sellers are responsible to ship exactly the same ordered product with no damages to the customers otherwise buyers can request full refund and return the delivered product within 30 days if it’s different from their order in attribute, model , type or if any other differences have been recognized.



Https:// is a newly published website and does not have delivery and shipping services now. It’s the vendors/sellers responsibility to ship their products on their own if they choose to be a vendor/seller in our website. (We appreciate your cooperation at this time!)

1- Sellers/vendors must disclose their shipping costs, if applicable, before the purchase and on customer requests.

2- Vendors/sellers are responsible to ship the products on the scheduled date.

3- Vendors/sellers must pay $25 to “City Pulse” ( if they fail to deliver the items at the scheduled delivery date.

4- We may cancel the purchase with a full refund if a purchased product is not delivered at the delivery date.

5- Vendors/sellers are responsible to refund the whole price to the customers if they fail to deliver the items at the most 7 days after delivery date or the products received damaged, out of order or different from their order.

We appreciate vendors/sellers to help us build trust and reliability in our website.

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